We’ve reached the south!

Admittedly it wasn’t very hard.

On Sunday we left Wellington (and the god awful car park campsite) and took the 3 hour ferry to Picton at the top of the South Island. Everyone told us it would be way more scenic down here and we thought “hhm, really? The north’s pretty great.” But so far, they were right. Everywhere we drive, every corner we turn around, we’re amazed by how beautiful the views are- including the ferry. Words can’t really do it all justice, so here’s some pretty photos instead;

10 points if you can spot the dolphin

We’d heard about a really great hiking trail called the Queen Charlotte Track, so we decided to do a bit of that. SO PRETTY. The next day, we climbed, for what seemed like forever, to a lookout. Again, SO PRETTY. In Asia we got temple fatigue- I wonder if we’ll get amazing view fatigue here? Because surely it can’t keep getting better and better?

We’re spending a few days near Nelson, around the Marlborough Sounds, in preparation for our first 5 day trail on Monday (I’m really excited, Sam is less so,) We’ll be doing the Abel Tasman Trail, which is one of the great walks in NZ- 5 days, 4 nights and loads of mosquito bites, yippee! So we thought we’d take some time out and relax for a while (because we haven’t been relaxing for the last 3 months at all.) It just so happens that this is a great wine area- this had absolutely nothing to do with the decision to base ourselves here. Nothing at all.  There’s  a beach nearby, loads of lovely restaurants and most importantly, SUN!

Happy Weekend everyone!









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    Julie October 7, 2015

    Looks really great. Funny how you have chosen to stay around another wine area! If I were Sam I would let you go on the 5 day hike alone and stay around the wine area – to look after “Vanatar” of course!!

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