We’re here!


FINALLY. It feels like so so so long since we started thinking about maybe planning this trip and now it’s actually here. Leaving HK wasn’t actually hard at all, I thought I’d be sad to leave my friends, my home, but it turned out to be just like going away for a weekend. Maybe it’ll feel real once it sinks in that we’re not actually going back? I was saying to a friend in a taxi on the way to the airport, that I won’t fully appreciate the fact that we don’t need to work until everyone goes back to work in August and we’re just……not.

First impressions of Ho Chi Minh:

1. Motorbikes and scooters. EVERYWHERE.

2. A distinct lack of that lovely HK humidity we’ve all come to hate.

3. I have no idea about the currency- it’s something like 37,000 to 1. That will be one of Sam’s jobs.

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